A Sick Day {Thankful}

It’s been a few months since my last Thankful post, Monday warranted another one.

Monday was not a good day.

Unfortunately leaving to get Quinn 5 minutes AFTER school ended was not the worse part of the day.

It does qualify me for “Mother of the Year” though. I fell asleep with Elliot during his nap… :-/

Don’t worry, Quinn’s teacher is awesome and kept him busy helping her prep a fun center activity for the next day.

An activity Quinn didn’t get a chance to do.

Why not?

He started PUKING a few hours later.

Even better? Peter had started puking 5 minutes before.  There is nothing like running from one end of the house to the other deal with pukers plus a toddler that becomes extra needy all of a sudden!

Yup it was a fun night. 50% of our house was puking and since Elliot isn’t really helpful at 2, we were basically operating at 25% capacity around here! (Like how I threw a little math in there? It makes me feel better to work with numbers) Smile

To keep my sanity in situation like this I think of all the reasons I can still be thankful. I really think focusing on positive

I think a glass 1/2 full outlook is the best attitude to have, so finding a way to focus on the positive and be thankful even is this situation is good practice.

I am thankful we weren’t all puking.

I am thankful I didn’t cook on Sunday, thereby remaining blameless.

I was thankful that Peter could survive without too much help from me.

Thankful Sick Day

I am thankful we had plenty of towels, blankets and puke buckets.

I am thankful we have a washer and dryer and could easily clean up messes.

I am thankful Quinn only missed the bowl twice. :-/

I am thankful we can borrow my dad’s new upholstery cleaner.

I am thankful the puking lasted under 12 hours.

I am thankful it was only one miserable night out on the couch with Quinn.

I am thankful Quinn did better than I expected.

I am thankful Quinn managed to take a nap the next day. A rarity these days!

I am thankful I was able to take a hot bath and nap the next day. This mama needed it!

And speaking of mamas.

I am thankful my mama ran to the grocery store for me while we recovered.

I am also thankful I blew $5 at CVS on this fort building kit this weekend, it totally came in handy the next day with both boys home!

And lastly I am thankful for the article I read on Babble about making a bed sheet sandwich. A total brilliant idea and while I didn’t need it this time, I will be better prepared for the next vomit round!

What have you been thankful for lately?


  1. Vikki says

    I’m so sorry your guys were sick!! I found that double-bag-the-bed trick years ago and it has saved me so much grief in the middle of the night over the years. I hope you don’t need to use it anytime soon. I figure it saves space on storing the extra mattress cover and sheet!

    • kc says

      Thanks Vikki, we are surviving! And that double-bag-the-bed truck is such a brilliant idea!

      At least I know someone had fun this week! 😉


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