Awesome Massage Therapy and Pedicures! {Tucson Tuesday}

Congrats to the winners; #12 – Rebcca, #62- Michelle and #36 – Donna! 

Meet one of my favorite people.

Massage Therapy Tucson

Her name is Allison. And she makes my toes pretty. And that makes me happy. Very happy. :-)


Tucson Spa Pedicures and Massage 

Tucson Spa Pedicure and massage


Actually she is my toe savior. Because my toenails suck have issues :-(

I know it sounds silly but my toenails often have serious issues which causes me a lot of pain.  She takes care of my toes and makes them look pretty too!

My mom and I have been going to her for almost 9 years! Over the years I have cheated on her a few times due to scheduling or what not but it’s ALWAYS a mistake. No one compares to her! Oh and she is also the sweetest person. Seriously. Probably too sweet for her own good.

Allison also does great massages, although I don’t indulge in those too often but wish I could!

She is on the Northwest side of Tucson but I would drive across town for her, she really is the best!  If you enjoy pedicures or massages you should definitely give her a try! Let her know I sent ya! 😉

You can find Allison at Encore Salon & Spa, 5815 N. Oracle Rd. You can reach her at (520) 440-3427 or facebook page!

And I am so excited to share that she is letting me host a giveaway!  Three lucky readers will win a free 1 hour massage + spa pedicure

Giveaway Time

To enter:

1. Leave me a comment telling me why you need a massage  and pedicure who you would give it to!

2. Leave me a comment letting me know you are a fan of Allison on facebook!

You must leave a separate comment for each entry.

This giveaway will end on January 31 at midnight. I will use to select the winners. Obviously you need to be local to the Tucson area to win.

Disclosure: There is no disclosure necessary. I am not receiving any compensation for this post.I just think Allison rocks and wanted to share that with you!


  1. Nicole says

    Why?? Two preschoolers, two teenage step-kids, an ex-wife, three dogs and I am on a weight loss program. Yep- need one. Oh and I’ve never had one:)

  2. Lyn Meeker says

    Because today is my 54th Birthday! :) .. I really need the pedicure .. I have a couple of toes that still have my Grinch green on them from November…. so a Spa Pedicure would be FABULOUS!

  3. carrie says

    I need a.pedicure because my toe small they don’t even look like they are there. Pedicures make my feet look like real human feet, instead of flintstone feet. :)

  4. Rebecca Langseth says

    Would love the pedicure and or massage to celebrate my 35th birthday. Have a little one so some mommy time would be lovely!

  5. Hannah Laura says

    I haven’t had even an hour off in months! I’m a crazy busy mom of 4 and could really use some “me” time…..not sure I remember what that is lol. The sad thing is though if I did win I would probably take my daughter and make it a mommy daughter day because I just don’t know how to do anything for just me lol.

  6. says

    I have fibromyalgia and spend a lot of my days worn out and in pain. A massage would help my muscles relax and give me a little boost!

  7. michelle says

    I am a full time nurse and mother of 2 (4yo boy and 6yo girl) I rarely have time to myself. I would love to take my dtr and have a girlly outing. A little for indulgance for myself.

  8. kristen says

    I provide in home child care for friends of mine along with taking care of my (3) girls. A little relax “momma” time would be a blessing!

  9. Kellie Folkerts says

    I would give this to either of my kid’s teachers (hard to chose which one!) I work with both of them and believe they deserve it! One is a pregnant first grade teacher and the other is a mom of twins kindergarten teacher. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  10. Jill Dalrymple says

    I’ve actually never had a professional massage and think getting one would be sooo relaxing and would probably make me feel like I could conquer the world! I’m a stay-at-home wife and mommy of a super sweet, yet super ACTIVE, 6-year-old boy.

  11. Hillary says

    I would like a massage and pedicure because I take care of three year olds all day at work and then go home and chase my 19 month old. If I could, I’d give it to my mom, because she does so much, but she lives in Phoenix and never comes down to Tucson. :-(

  12. Beth says

    I would love to win! I am trying to be a stay at home mom for my beautiful but really active 8.5 month old so we have had to cut out all of the non-necessities.

  13. Kelly says

    I need a massage since I get headaches so often…plus it will give me relaxing me time away from the kids :) Would be a nice treat!

  14. Amber says

    I would LOVE both :) I rarely take time for myself working fulltime with 2 preschoolers at home. Evenings and weekends are usually all kidlet time :)

  15. Jennie says

    I need a massage and pedicure because my baby #4 never lets me sleep, so I need some relaxing time! I would give one away to my best friend because she is a hard working mama too.

  16. Patricia Moore says

    I need a massage and a pedicure because I teach middle school band…seriously….middle school students with instruments….all day….because they are not loud enough! LOL :)

  17. Bee-Jai Martin Madsen says

    I need a massage and pedicure because I have a 6 year old and 3 year old twins. All boys.

  18. Lauren B. says

    I would love a massage and pedicure! I spend countless hours hunched over my sewing machine for my business and could def use a massage…and the pedicure, well I have a 3 year old, stay home and have the aforementioned business so I don’t have time to do them myself! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!

  19. Michelle says

    I need a pedicure because I haven’t had one since my wedding in May… And haven’t had a professional massage in years.

  20. sarah says

    I am selling a home and moving (to Oro Valley- want to be my new BFF?) with three children 6 and under. I totally deserve some pampering.

  21. Joanne says

    I need a massage bc im getting ready to pop out my 3rd baby and I’m almost certain my first 2 kids are a big reason I have so many knots in my back!

  22. Kristi T says

    I would absolutely love a pedicure & massage! So far January has been one of the most trying months I’ve ever experienced and it would be wonderful to have some time to relax & decompress!

  23. Cheri Stutsman says

    I would give it to my daughter because while I have been sick, she’s been keeping me entertained.