Cabinet Door DIY Headboard

We’ve been in our house over 6 years so of course, our master bedroom is still a work in progress. This weekend, we came one step closer to making it complete. Peter created a new headboard for us from cabinet doors and it looks awesome!


We actually had a complete bedroom set when we moved into this house, it was a massive all oak set with a huge headboard/footboard, a long dresser, tall dresser and a night stand. It worked well in our last house which was a new construction home with a huge master bedroom. It totally overwhelmed our little bedroom in our current ranch style house. So we sold it and started working on a simpler look.

We decided to do a 180 style wise and bought a dark brown/black platform style bed online. It was simple, low and a great change! We found floating shelves at Lowes that matched well and completed the functionality of the room with a tall dresser from the clearance section of a local furniture store.

All we lacked was a headboard. But do you really need a headboard?

You don’t.

But it sure does make a difference! We joked last night that it felt like sleeping in a fancy hotel room.

We just started thinking about a headboard. It was a Want not a Need so we waited. We planned to take our time and find the right headboard at a great price. We also flirted with the idea of making one…

Peter did a little exploring online and realized that making a headboard from cabinet doors might be a great option. He sorted through the random extra cabinets he has stashed in the garage (All cast offs bound for the dumpster from Peter’s old job) and found a set of 42” cabinet doors that matched perfectly! And the length worked great too.He even used extra cabinet shelves as the supports, making it a completely free project! Score!!

  • He started by screwing the supports to the bed frame. Pre-drilling first to make it easier.
  • Then he clamped the headboard to the supports for a snug fit.
  • He then screwed the supports to the headboard. Again he pre-drilled first.
  • He also used his level throughout the process to make sure the headboard remained square.

We really lucked out having a color that already matched our furniture. Obviously if you scored free cabinet doors that didn’t match you could always paint or stain them first!

So what do you think? Did it turn out awesome?

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  1. Hannah Laura says

    LOVE that idea!! We don’t have a headboard either, and our dog actually broke our bed frame as well. (giant 90 lb dog chasing the cat constantly and the place we bought the bed from didn’t set up the frame right so the dog bent it). This is a great thrifty idea!!!

  2. Bernice says

    this is such a good idea! I never thought of doing this. Our Habitat Humaniy store has piles of cabinet doors for 4 dollars each. A few years ago i got a hollow core door for 15 dollars from there, bought some molding and rosettes, painted it, and voila! The door was perfect for a king size bed. Actually I could wrap it with fabric also if I wanted. This looks so easy and your color is very rich! Nicely done!

  3. Kathy says

    This was an awesome idea. It looks like you have a king size bed, but I bet I could find some smaller doors for my queen size!


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