Creating a Mom Cave #MomCave

Creating a Mom Cave #MomCave!

Last summer we did a small renovation project that added an additional pantry to our kitchen. We created the space by closing off the doorway from the kitchen to our formal dining room. The change made a huge and immediate impact on the functionality of our house. We really benefited from the additional storage in the kitchen and it forced us to reevaluate how to use the formal dining room.

I called it our formal dining room because that is how it was set up but we NEVER actually dined in there.  In fact it was simply a walkway to the kitchen and a dumping ground for random things. And I do mean a dumping ground.

Funny, I wasn’t able to find a picture of the dining room/dumping ground, (it was SUCH a photo worthy mess space ;-)) but I did find pictures of the space after we moved the dining room table into our kitchen.  You can see how we closed off the extra doorway and put a matching pantry on the kitchen side.

Creating a Mom Cave #MomCave

By moving our big dining room table into our eat-in kitchen space we made having dinner parties more practical too. Our little dinette couldn’t accommodate many people and yet we never bothered to use our bigger table when it was in the “dining” room. After the kitchen portion of the renovation was done, we moved on to redesigning the new room.

We VERY briefly considered making it a play room for the boys or a dedicated exercise space but instead settled on a new office space for me, my own Mom Cave! Yay!

I had been squished in our office, sharing the space with Peter and our treadmill. It was dark, cramped and uninspiring!

My Current Mom Cave

Creating a Mom Cave #MomCave

My current Mom Cave is actually a pretty nice space. It’s much bigger than the office I shared with Peter and it has much better light. Luckily I already had some decent furniture and decorative items.  There is still room for improvement though. I would love to give this space some additional function and a few more pops of color and fun details.

The biggest improvement would be the addition of an extra large chair or small sofa that we could snuggle up on and read books with the  boys! Plus I would love it to be a pull out sleeper model. Having even a small twin bed pull out would be nice since we don’t have a guest room.

For the biggest selection of quality furniture, La-Z Boy is the place to shop. Before Quinn was born we bought a cheaper recliner from a local store, it was cheap seemed decent. Seemed being the key word, it didn’t last a day before we returned it and headed to the local La-Z Boy store, where we knew we could find a quality piece of furniture.  And of course we still have that recliner in our living room today, almost 6 years later!

I love this reclining chair I found at La-Z Boy Galleries Online Catalog. I love that customization is a key component of their product offering where you can select from more than 900 covers (in fabric and leather) to use with more than 250 different frames!  The seemingly endless choices are almost overwhelming!  I said almost!

Creating a Mom Cave #MomCave

I had to smile when I found this fun green bird print. The bird naturally makes it a very cool piece of furniture! :-)  “Put a bird on it!”

Shopping online is fun but shopping in a La-Z-Boy store really inspired me to find some fun pops of color mixed with practical furniture! I found the sales person to be helpful but completely respectful of my desire to just browse. Other furniture stores tend to be pushy in my experience.

Creating a Mom Cave #MomCave


Inspired by all the fun prints, fabrics and accessories I found in store, I started a #MomCave Pinterest Board. Go check it out to see some of my other ideas! Plus I created this fun collection on Polyvore using some of my favorite items. I am pretty sure there are too many patterns in this room design but you can definitely get a feel for what I like. I think a couple fun pieces that POP would make my Mom Cave really sweet!

Creating a Mom Cave #MomCave

Pretty Blue & Green #MomCave Ideas by desertdealsdiva on Polyvore


Would you like the chance to win your Mom Cave dream room?  The La-Z-Boy Pinterest Contest runs from January 28 until February 11.  You can win $5000 from La-Z-Boy to create your own Mom Cave! Click the link below.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. #MomCave #CBias #SocialFabric


  1. Vikki says

    I bought a sleeper chair from JC Penney and I love it! It is big enough to sit on with my kids, and folds out into a twin-sized bed for guests. Love that you got yourself an office!

    • kc says

      That is exactly what I need! Plus it could be helpful when Peter or I are sick…. It is so nice to have a separate space although its not a “private” space but that’s ok, I love my crazies driving me crazy!


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