Olaf Donuts and Disney FROZEN Ideas

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Disney Frozen Olaf Donut Snack

#FrozenFun #Shop #cbias

Have you seen Disney’s latest animated hit, FROZEN, yet? My boys have seen it twice and I know they’d love to see it again – and so would I! I am sure we will buy it as soon as it’s released on DVD. In the meantime I planned an end of Christmas break (Back to school – YAY ;-)) party for the boys. I started by picking up a few FROZEN toys and books, and added in a fun snack and craft. It’s not frozen in Arizona but we can still have #FROZENFun!

Our #FROZENFun started with finding a talking Olaf at Walmart. The boys are really into action figures so I had hoped to find a set of the movie characters. No such luck but I did find a few fun options including Olaf!

#FrozenFun #Shop #cbias

I also picked up several books, a fun sled with Anna and a camera that shows scenes from the movie. On my way out I picked up lunch at Subway. Subway Fresh Fit for Kids meals have FROZEN themed reusable bags! Perfect for storing the mini figures that came in one of the books I bought.

#FrozenFun #Shop #Cbias

The boys found the giant Olaf and the tiny snow monster very funny. Sort of a role reversal from the movie. 😉

#FrozenFun #Cbias #Shop

And as much fun as the Disney toys were, they really loved our special Olaf snack. Who wouldn’t want to eat a snowman made from 4 donuts?

#Shop #Cbias #FrozenFunI kept the idea simple adding just an orange candy piece for Olaf’s nose and pretzel sticks for his arms and “hair”. His pretzel “hair” also helped secure the donut body together.

Because I’ve had a few questions, this is the exact candy I used for Olaf’s Nose (affiliate link).

#FrozenFun #Shop #Cbias

We don’t have snow in Tucson but we can pretend.

#FrozenFun #shop #Cbias

We also made giant snowflakes out of packing peanuts. I stashed away a big bag of them from Christmas deliveries. I knew we’d have a good use for them.  We just created various snowflake designs (big and small) on a flat surface and then I hot glued them together.

#FrozenFun #Shop #CbiasElliot decided our snowflakes were more fashion accessories than FROZEN decorations. :-)

I still hope to find Sven, I really think Olaf needs his reindeer buddy! Looking for more FROZEN party or playdate idea? Check out these fun snowman treats or FROZEN activity sheets.

Do your kids have any fun FROZEN toys yet?


  1. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says

    We just got back from Disney and they were SOLD out of EVERYTHING Frozen–WOW===glad its in the local stores–we loved it!

  2. Kelly @eclecticmommy says

    What a great idea with the packing peanuts. I love simple up cycling, especially with much forgotten packing supplies.

    • Karen says

      We just had so many packing peanuts – I had to find another use for them. In fact I still have more, so hopefully I can think of something else. Peter thinks I pack rat things too much sometimes. 😉

    • Karen says

      It was hilarious in Walmart too.. the jostle of the cart kept him talking the entire time I shopped. I definitely got some strange looks, and smiles too. :-)

  3. says

    My daughter is OBSESSED with Frozen. She all the toys we’ve been able to find in the stores… but it is SO hard to find the Elsa gear. I was so bummed when we couldn’t buy the Elsa costume for her birthday last week. She wanted to wear it to Disneyland. There was no Frozen toys at all at Disneyland either!! Holy popular movie!

  4. Stefanie C says

    My daughter wants her next birthday to be a frozen party. I love your ideas! I was wondering what kind of candy you used for Olafs nose. I was thinking I could use candy corn but I really like how yours was all orange. Thanks :)


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