Disney Visa $100 Offer


Are you saving for a Disney trip?  Planning on applying for a Disney visa card?  You use THIS LINK to apply for your Disney Visa card and receive a $100 Disney gift card!

I am not advocating getting a credit card JUST for the $100 gift card bonus… but if you were going to apply anyway…

We have the Disney credit card and use our rewards to help pay for our trips.  Plus there are special Disney Park benefits associated with the card.  Our favorite extra is the special meet and greet opportunity  for card members. It’s an easy way to see characters without much of a wait.  Plus you get a free 5X7 picture!

If you have any questions about our experience with the card, just let me know.  Just know that I am not a financial expert and I can only give you my personal thoughts. Smile

We have received targeted $200/$150 offer letters in the past and I can’t explain why we received them or how to get on the mailing list… This $100 offer is the best promotional offer I have seen that is available for anyone.  I just wanted to pass it along to any other Disney addicts!

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