DIY Cowboy Woody Vest

It’s Rodeo time in Tucson and what better way to celebrate than dressing up as our favorite Cowboy Woody! One of Woody’s signature pieces is his Cowhide vest. I made my husband a Woody costume a few years back for our Toy Story Halloween theme. It was fun and actually pretty easy to pull off! Luckily I saved the leftover pieces of the cow print fleece blanket I found back then in anticipation of make the boys a vest someday- that someday turned into 2 years later…


I free-styled Peter’s vest with no pattern and a little mental help from my grandma. Thankfully, I recently came across this sweet Woody’s Faux Cowhide Vest tutorial on Spoonful, just in the nick of time to help me pull off the boys’ cowboy outfits! The Spoonful tutorial is a no-sew project using pieces of felt. I didn’t really follow their tutorial but their vest template was a life saver!


DIY Cowboy Woody Vest

My tips:

  1. Tape the vest template together and have each kid try it on to see if the sizing works. I thought the size worked well for the 3-6 year old set. You could easily cut it down for littler kids or print it larger for older kids though.
  2. I also kept the front of the vest (and also the back of the vest) taped together so I could minimize my sewing later. Just carefully lay out and pin the pattern to your material before cutting.
  3. The Sheriff’s star can also be made using craft foam if you don’t have any scraps of felt, $1 for a pack at the dollar store.


Luckily I had *just* enough material left to pull off two vests. I had to piece together one part of Elliot’s vest but I still think they turned out great, especially considering my limited sewing skills (Thank you junior high home ec)!

I do believe Quinn was the cutest cowboy at school!

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