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Grocery Shopping Thoughts

We have been doing awesome on our grocery and household spending since installing the Budget Envelope app. I seriously love the app. It’s so much easier to stay in control when we can easily see how much we have already spent.

If you have been with me since the very beginning (when I started as DDD), then you know I used to post my shopping trips all the time. I don’t intend to start that again because it’s exhausting, however I will share the bulk of my purchases last week…


I scored $40 in Walgreens Register Rewards after a recent hot deal (It only cost me a total of $2.84 OOP for tax).  The problem with Register Rewards is they expire in 2 weeks. There are plenty of Walgreens near me but I don’t usually shop there every week. So I had to make a conscious effort to spend my “hard earned” $40 before it expired.

The top and bottom left pictures represent my $40 at Walgreens. I think I did pretty well. I spent under $6 for all of it after calculating my OOP and tax.  $6 bucks for 4 boxes of cereal, a gallon of milk, 4 bottles of kids advil, 2 bags of turkey jerky, 2 rolls of TP, 2 cans of tomatoes and 2 Energizer Rechargeable AA units (clearanced). What do you think? Did I get my “$6” worth? :-)

By the way, I like to follow the blog, Wild For Wags to keep up with extra hot Walgreens deals.

Bread Store

$5 bought me a loaf of bread, 2 packs of bagels and a package of hot dog buns at the bread store. A steal compared to the grocery store! I shop our bread store fairly regularly. There are usually B1G1 coupons available in the mail and they have punch cards to earn free bread/donuts/bagels, etc. You will never guess what all three boys want me to redeem my free punch cards for… 😉



Then, last  night we went to Costco and spent some time browsing which can be quite dangerous. Luckily we stuck to our guns and were very conscious of our grocery budget. We only bought string cheese, canned tomatoes and feta cheese, all things we desperately needed. Plus the kids sampled fudge pops and played in a playhouse on display. Costco can be cheap fun if you don’t buy too much!



I didn’t do a lot of shopping last week because I was nursing the sickies back to health. Luckily my mom did run over to Bashas for me, we needed some necessities (Cheerios, bananas, bread and cottage cheese)! And since she was there anyway, she also picked up cheap onions and Panko bread crumbs. The only time I can remember using bread crumbs was for my Scotch Egg Experiment, but I want to try new recipes and thought $0.50 was a good price.


I did very well at Fry’s this week with coupons and eQ’s (electronic coupons). Both boys’ schools are collecting items for Youth On Their Own, so I picked up free Colgate toothpaste and tooth brushes.  They are still free this week at Fry’s (with the coupons from 1/6). I also scored free Franks Red Sauce (great for the chili Peter makes), free eggs (I had an Fry’s eQ and Fry’s Home Mailer Q) and free meat (I won $19 in Fry’s e-coupons from a recent promotion).


My one big shopping trip was to Walmart on Sunday. I price matched several stores and bought everything for $40, which I thought was pretty good. My ground beef  alone cost $15 alone.

Do you price match at Walmart? I don’t bother too often because Walmart can be a little crazy. I hit it early Sunday after my mall walking and it wasn’t busy at all!  Plus great news for me, they are opening up a Neighborhood Walmart Store nearby which means I will be able to price match while avoiding the chaos of a regular Walmart!  I like the idea of less shopping trips if I can help it!

Do you shop at one store or drive all over for the best deals?

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