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Making Conscious Choices: Borrow, Wait, Fix and Share

In our quest to get back on track budget wise and not waste money, we have started thoroughly thinking about decisions we make especially when they involve money, even a little bit of money. Here are some of the ways we have been saving money.

1. Borrow (instead of buying or renting)

We have started borrowing from the library again.  Last week we borrowed a book, a book on CD, DVDs and an e-book.  Using the library for free entertainment is really a no brain-er!

We also borrowed my dad’s food saver and upholstery cleaner. The newer food savers are amazingly easy to use and will help our food stay fresher in the freezer!  My dad doesn’t live in Tucson most of the time, so I can semi-permanently borrow it. :-)

He also recently purchased an upholstery/spot carpet cleaner. We were overdue for a good cleaning and after our  recent food poisoning incident we REALLY needed to clean the couches! If borrowing a carpet cleaner isn’t an option for you, I personally think renting one from Home Depot is the next best choice, they are industrial strength and work much better than the lower end carpet cleaners most people buy.

And I am happy to report, Peter does a fabulous job cleaning couches! 😉

Frugal Ramblings

2. Wait for fabulous deals (especially for WANTS)

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of finding a deal on a necessity. That is not the case for WANTS though, you have all the time in the world. :-)

During the holidays Cost Plus World Market had a fabulous one day sale on their cloth napkins, individually they are priced at $3.99 normally, they were on sale for $0.99 each (75% off is nothing to sneeze at)!  After hosting Thanksgiving this year, I started thinking about getting a “nicer” set of napkins to pull out when we had company over. We use cloth napkins most of the time to save money and our napkins are WELL USED. Almost embarrassingly so.

Anyway, I debated back and forth on the sale and decided I really didn’t need to spend $10-15 on fancy new napkins especially during the holidays when we still had gifts to buy.  I was destined for a new set though. Shortly thereafter, Target released a coupon good for $3 off linens including napkins. That same week, they had napkins on sale for $3.19 a pair! or $0.19 with the coupon! I was able to print 6 coupons (using 3 computers). So I paid under $1.25 with tax for 12 nice napkins and the best part is they aren’t even Christmasy!

I also had a couple $3 coupons (that excluded napkins) that I saved and used on clearance table clothes. I paid under $1 for a smaller round one (perfect for covering a card table) and under $2 for one that will fit my dining room table. They weren’t my favorite patterns but certainly fancier than my everyday table cloths and you can’t beat the price!Frugal Ramblings

3. Fix things (even if only temporarily)

A certain 2-year old may have accidentally broke my glasses a few weeks ago. Unfortunately they really can’t be fixed, however I did make a temporary fix using “designer” duct tape that I had on hand. I wear contacts during the day and only use the glasses before bed, so I am not ready to run out and buy new glasses yet.  I don’t think they are that bad. 😉 I am sure I can make do with them for quite awhile!

4. Share the Cost

Share the cost of things when you can. Last weekend I went to Market on the Move, and came home with a TON of produce for only $10. Rather than worrying about some of it spoiling, I split the produce and cost with my brother and SIL. I ended up with 8 bell peppers, 1/2 water melon, 3 zucchini, 1 1/2 acorn squashes and lots of grape tomatoes for only $5!


What conscious choices have you made to save money recently?



  1. Tammy says

    Lesco Optics has a good selection of frames. A pair of prescription glasses (plastic lenses), including frame is $29. That’s the price without insurance (they do not accept any vision plans). That’s a great deal if anyone is in a pinch to get some new glasses or a back up pair. It’s actually cheaper for me to go to Lenscrafter with insurance though.


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