Frugal Ramblings

Here are a few fun frugal things from last week to share with you…..


Coastal Contacts Free Lens Offer

Remember when I shared my broken glasses a few weeks ago. I’ve been limping by with my “fixed” glasses for awhile when I came across an offer from Coastal Contacts. It was for a free pair of frames, I just paid ~$25 for lenses and shipping.

I hesitant to order glasses online but their website made it easy. And for only $25, it was worth a try. My glasses arrived this weekend and they’re pretty awesome! They even sent a little cleaning/repair kit with my order. I’m definitely happy with my purchase and would buy from them again. Their promos change and expire often, to find the latest deals I would check with RetailMeNot.

I also used my Best Buy Rewards to buy new RAM for my tired little Samsung laptop (aka Sam). It was a great use of my rewards since I don’t shop at Best Buy very often.


Laptop Maintenance

Luckily my brother (and SIL) came by for a few hours on Saturday to install the new RAM. I had moved all my pictures (which had overwhelmed my C drive) over to my external drive so he could also do a system recovery. Now my laptop is brand new. Heck it’s better than brand new with the upgraded RAM!

The only other problem Sam had was with his keyboard. I apparently use the keyboard too much and had wore off some of the letters. Totally annoying. My frugal fix (And totally Peter’s idea) was to use my label maker and make a few new letters. A little silly looking but it does the trick! 😉


Free Desk

I saw an ad in a local couponing group offering a free corner desk near my house. It sounded like something we might need in the future, so I jumped on it. (Well not literally since I’m sure I’d break it ;-)) It will eventually get placed in the living room once we finish a few projects and move the furniture around but for now the boys can use it in my Mom Cave. :-)

And the coolest part of the whole thing?  The nice lady who gave it away reads my blog! She is clearly awesome! 😉 Thanks Kitt!


Orange and Vinegar Cleaner

My dad has a blood orange tree and gave us lots of them at Christmas. I juiced my way through all of them, saving the peels. I usually throw a few peels down my disposal for a fresh citrus scent. Then I came across this cool DIY Orange Cleaner recipe and decided to try that since I had way more peels than my disposal needed. I love how the citrus covers up the yucky vinegar smell and it’s all natural! Win-Win!

Do you have any Frugal Ramblings to share this week?



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