Insta-Friday: Papa, Party & Pop Rocks

We’ve had a busy week around here! I thought I might share a little of our week with you…

My dad made a last minute trip home so the boys had lots of “Papa Time”!

I am not a chess player but my dad is trying to convert my boys. It’s fun to watch how interested and attentive Quinn is while he learns. And how much patience my dad has! Winking smile

And Elliot had a fun pick up from school one day when papa and uncle stevie showed up with me!

We even went to the mall afterwards for a lunch and a holiday treat! I can’t pass up on an opportunity to enjoy peppermint yumminess!

Check out these cuties!


The boys had a blast at their cousins birthday party! They love Pump It Up!

And the goody bags included Pop Rocks, they had lots of fun trying those for the first time!

We had a great week!

Did you have any fun this week?


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