Meal Planning Helps You #GetHealthy and #GetThrifty

Meal planning is so simple and can make such an impact on your budget and health. Plus if I made a menu every week, then I wouldn’t stress about dinner around 4. Every. Day.

We would eat healthier since we would plan on healthier meals and be less likely to grab take out. And we would save money eating at home and planning meals around the weekly grocery sales!

Even knowing all of this, I still struggle to consistently do a meal plan every week.  The problem is we can’t eat our family favorites like  fajita soup, beef stew, stir fry,  and  white bean & kale soup  every day!  Even though they are  favorites, we need a little variety! So I recently signed up for eMeals to help me explore new recipe ideas and get back on track with weekly meal plans.

Why I like eMeals

  1. They email me a dinner meal plan every Sunday. Even if I don’t end up using any of those recipes, it’s a great reminder that I need to do my own plan.
  2. Their meal plan includes a grocery list for the week and the staples they assume you have on hand like oil, seasonings or honey. This makes grocery trips much easier!
  3. They offer 10 different menu styles to meet your dietary needs including Classic, Paleo, Low Fat, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Portion Control. And you can change your choice once a month.
  4. Their recipe ideas help me get out of  rut when planning my own meals. Last week there a Creamy Cauliflower Soup recipe caught my eye, I plan on trying it soon!
  5. They even coordinate their meals each week with sales at select stores!
  6. Their subscription service is very reasonable from $5-$7 a month and you can save 15% with the promo code newyear

 I’m curious, does your family help you meal plan or are you the only one responsible for it?

Dis­clo­sure: I was pro­vided with an eMeals sub­scrip­tion. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Graph­ics in this post courtesy of eMeals.

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