My Lie

Remember when I shared 9 Facts and 1 lie with you a few weeks ago? I never got around to owning up to my lie. I am surprised more of you didn’t guess it since I admitted how boring and uncreative I am. The lie was the most boring statement…

1. I went skydiving in college. Don’t worry it was tandem.

It was a blast and I would totally do it again if it wasn’t expensive and if Peter wouldn’t kill me…. He finds it excessively dangerous and doesn’t think moms need to take such risks. Party. Pooper.

2. I participated in a few beauty pageants as a preteen, notice I didn’t claim to be a winner…

Yup, it’s true. Maybe someday I will share one of those goofy pictures… and let me tell you they are GOOFY.

3. I was a math and science geek in high school, AP Calculus and AP Chemistry anyone?

True. My BSE is in bioengineering… making math and science essential.

4. I was a cheerleader in junior high and high school.

True. A few people picked cheerleader, I guess I don’t come across as the “cheerleader type”. Winking smile

5. My stolen car was featured on the news during a high speed chase.

I WISH this wasn’t true.  We had just moved into this new apartment when I went outside one morning to find broken glass where I had parked my car. I went inside to report it stolen and while I was on hold with the police department I saw the news station replaying a chase scene from earlier, the police were chasing my car. Such a crazy story now, but a PAIN IN THE BUTT at the time.  I did get my car back, damaged of course and we ended up moving shortly thereafter.

6. Peter proposed to me at Disneyland, in front of the castle.

So sweet huh?! We naturally spent part of our honeymoon at Disneyland as well.

7. I have been to 6 different countries, hopefully more someday!

Here is my SUPER CREATIVE LIE. I have only been to 5 countries. I seriously could have beefed up the lie somehow but couldn’t think of how except to add 1 extra country. BORING.

8. One of my college internships required me to kill rats via guillotine.

The one most people hoped was a lie. It was not. However rest assured even though it ended up being part of the job, I didn’t have the stomach for it. I could slice their frozen brains using a cryostat and study the slides… I couldn’t deal with killing the live animals.

9. I experienced tear gas because of a nearby demonstration.

While visiting a shop near a demonstration (actually a few streets over) in Cajamarca, Peru the police tear gassed the protestors, the wind carried it to us.

10. I’ve been to the Amazon and we saw pink dolphins.

On a different trip to Peru, I travelled to the Amazon jungle and caught a glimpse of their pink river dolphins.

Do you have any crazy/fun life adventures to share? Ones that some people might not believe. I would love to hear them!


  1. Melissa says

    My husband proposed to me on Disney’s Castaway Cay right near the float rentals. I was working onboard the Magic and he came to visit/propse to me. Just wanted to share our little Disney connection 😉

  2. Sarah G says

    Me and my hubby after 7 years of being married with two kiddos finally got to take our Honeymoon to Spain it was amazing and Cheap haha. He was there because of the military and I got to fly for dirt cheap cause I worked with AA. It was an awesome vacation we met a lot of interesting people and loved the sites :)

    • kc says

      That is awesome! Ireland was our Honeymoon plan but with a last minute move/job change before our wedding we opted for California instead. I hope we get our European trip someday too! And I love that you did yours dirt cheap!!

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