My Target Finds: 70% Toys and Shoes!

I know you guys love seeing my finds, so here are my Target Toys 70% Off deals!

Thursdays are the normal mark down day  for toys and unfortunately I didn’t make it to Target until after 1. There was still about an aisle of toys left and I think I did pretty good.  And I remained in control! After all I had to input my spending into my budget app!

My favorite find was the Chuck truck track system which will be perfect with the Chuck Trucks I scored 90% after Christmas. The set will be perfect for Elliot’s birthday!

Then I headed to a second store this morning and found a few more toys and summer shoes for the boys! Who’s ready for warm weather?!?

 Target Toys 70% Off

Store #1

My 70% Target Toy Clearance

Store #2


I bought Leapster Explorer games, Leap Frog Tag Book, Cars2 App cars, Hex Bug Larva (yummy), Zurg Car, Chuck track system, Hot Wheels Trains, Some sort of doll (cut me some slack I’m a boy mom!) and a Cars Acoustic guitar.

Everything was 70% off except the Zurg car. I was a little bummed by that but it was the last one. And Elliot is still HUGE into Toy Story.

I was a little sad that there were no Legos left but that’s what happens when you show up late.


There were tons of 70% off shoes at this store.  Mostly sandals, flip flops and crocs but a few others as well. This was the other sale I was waiting for because Quinn definitely needed bigger flip flops! The Sean White Flip Flops were only $3.88!

I plan on checking the toy aisle at least once this weekend because toys often get returned, misplaced or brought back from the stock room. Fingers crossed I find a Lego set!

Did you find any great deals this week?

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