The Ultimate List of Olaf Ideas

I am pretty sure Olaf is just about everyone’s favorite character from FROZEN. We think Sven is cool too and of course Elsa’s dress has been a hot commodity but no one can resist Olaf! We are no exception, in fact all of our own FROZEN Fun has involved Olaf from donuts and a hat craft to the easy Olaf Costume I just made. I’ve seen quite a few other awesome DIY Olaf ideas too! I thought it’d be fun to round up the ultimate list of Olaf ideas, I have over 75 listed below, from crafts and food to party fun and a few wearable Olaf options!


Wearable Olaf

Olaf Edibles

Olaf Fun

Which is your favorite Olaf Idea?

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  1. says

    Wow! I made the list three times! Olaf Bowling, Olaf Jello, and an Olaf Ornament! I guess I’ve got Olaf covered! Thank you so much for including me in the feature!


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