The Greer Cafe – Greer, AZ: A great family dining spot!

The Greer Cafe Greer, AZ

Delicious pizza and yummy ice cream among the pines is what we found at the Greer café. It’s located right in middle of Greer and was an easy walk from the Reed Family Cabin where we stayed.

 The Greer Cafe Greer, AZ

There is a great playground out front which is why we decided to eat at the Greer Café in the first place.  The boys could not get enough of the airplane teeter totter.

The weather was so nice that we ate out front on the picnic tables. There was also a  back patio with pretty view of the area and of the cool rock climbing wall!

The Greer Cafe, Greer, AZ

After burning some energy on the playground and fueling back up with delicious pizza, we splurged with ice cream! I am not a huge ice cream fan (more of a cupcake girl) but they had peppermint ice cream!

I. Could. Not. Resist.

In addition to pizza and ice cream, the Greer Café serves breakfast, sandwiches, salad, coffee drinks and more. We will definitely eat there again the next time we visit Greer!

Disclosure: None necessary, we just loved this little café and I wanted to share our experience with you in case you find yourself hungry and in Greer, AZ!

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