Turkey, Applesauce & Diet Coke

hmmmm Turkey, Applesauce and Diet Coke? A balanced lunchl? Or Perhaps my favorite deals of the week!



  • 2 Gallons Milk $1.57
  • 2 Odwalla Bars $1 – $0.15 MQ (1/8 SS) = free
  • 2 Colgate Toothpaste $1- $0.75 MQ (1/1 SS) = free
  • Knorr Homestyle Stock $2.99 – $1.35 IP = $1.64
  • (6) Bulls Eye BBQ sauce $0.99 (with ad Q) – $0.50 Tear pads = free
  • 9 packages of Ground Turkey $15 with a raincheck


The Turkey was a KILLER deal! I had a raincheck for (3) 3lb packages of Jennie-O ground turkey at $5 each. And $1.67/lb is a really good price so I didn’t want to let the raincheck expire. <—Happens way too often for me!

The 3lb packages are a special promotional product and aren’t stocked normally at my Safeway. So they just substituted 9 of the “regular” packages.  However the “regular” packages are actually 20 oz and not 16 oz.  So I ended up with  9 X 20 oz or 180 oz… which is actually 11 1/4 lbs! So I actually paid $1.33/lb!!



I picked up several more of the GoGO Squeez Applesauce (12 ct).  I bought a few on Monday but left some for the next deal seeker.  I was SHOCKED to see  some still on the shelf with the $2.29 sale price on Friday! They didn’t ring up $2.29 anymore at the register but they did honor the price on the shelf. So I took them all. I normally don’t do that but since I knew the price was changed, I didn’t want the deal to “go to waste”.

I also picked up more Purina One beyOND Dog Food $5.99 (price cut through 1/21) – $5 MQ (1/15 SS) = $0.99. Plus since I grabbed the last bag, I asked for a raincheck!

And “Free” Destin. Buy 3 at $2.48 – $1 MQ (1/1 SS) = $1.48 and earn a $5 gift card. My total was $4.77 with tax! <—Great for donations if you don’t need it!


The deal is only valid on the “Bonus 20% more variety” and my store had it clearly signed. It’s still a great deal even without the coupons!



Coke 12 packs are priced at 4/$10 (limit 4 per transaction) and are part of the Spend $30, Earn a $10 CVS gift card promo. (This week and next week too!)

Essentially you will be able to purchase (12) 12-packs for $20… that is $1.67 each. A STEAL!

Order #1

  • (4) 12-packs Coke product $10

Order #2

  • (4) 12-packs Coke product $10

Order #3

  • (4) 12-packs Coke product $10
  • Earn a $10 CVS gift card.

And you can earn the $10 CVS gift card 5 times..just roll the gift card into the next deal!

Now I didn’t actually do the deal FIVE times, that would be SIXTY 12 packs… but I might have done it a few times….

What were your favorite deals this week?



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