Who’s ready for another fun costume? As soon as we started watching The BFG in the theater last month, I knew I wanted to make a Big Friendly Giant costume.

The BFG costume is my favorite kind of costume because that can be pulled together inexpensively depending upon what you have on hand or can borrow.

Big Friendly Giant Costume

– White or cream shirt – Brown leather vest – Green pants – Big ears – Dream catching net

BFG Costume Shirt

For the BFG’s shirt, I wanted to find a rough peasant style/linen shirt. I love this baby muslin shirt but it wouldn’t work for us since I was making the costume for Quinn.

The big friendly giant wears a distressed brown leather vest. We had no one to borrow a brown vest from so I ended up making one out of duct tape.

BFG Costume Vest

To make the vest I decided to cover a safety vest from the dollar store in brown duct tape. Last year when I made the Inside Out Fear costume, I attempted a vest template which worked ok but I figured just covering an existing vest would be easier.

The safety vest was a one-size fits a very big adult, so I had to modify it a little first. I had Quinn try on the vest and then I folded and taped it in place to make it fit better.

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