Expected it? I couldn't build Quinn a costume but not Elliot's. We're having an Inside Out-themed Halloween party at Disneyland, so here's my Fear costume.

Quinn is dressing up as Anger and I will be Bing Bong from Inside Out. Elliot decided to forgo sadness (although that would have been fun) and Joy, so we decided he could act adorably fearful in his Inside Out Fear Costume.

Fear Inside Out Costume

I love that both costumes only require simple materials, some of which you may have on hand but all should be easy to find. My only struggle for the Fear costume was the purple knit cap.

Amazon to the rescue in this case. I bought the duct tape at Michael’s with 40% off coupons and we already had the shorts and felt at home. Then, I found a Carters blue and white striped shirt at a thrift store, it was fate and only $2.99!

DIY Fear Costume 

How to Make an Inside Out Fear Hat

First you need to print out a copy of the Fear template. I printed it at 165%, to make the eyes exaggerated like in the film.

Using the printed face as a template, start by cutting the eyes out using the white felt. I like using double-sided tape to keep the template secure to the felt when cutting it out. 

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