My kids love Fortnite, so I built them a DIY costume. Will there be additional Fortnite costumes? Check out this Tomato Skin Fortnite outfit.

The bulk of Tomato Head Fortnite costume is regular clothes with a few modifications and an oversized head made from a large paper lantern.

How to make a Fortnite Costume in Real Life

First, you need green pants and a green long sleeved shirt. We bought a green sweatsuit at Target that works pretty well.

Homemade Fortnite Tomato Costume Materials

I used duct tape to add orange around the wrists of the sweatshirt. And a piece of brown duct tape to create the patch on the left leg of the sweatpants.

How To Make a Fortnite Tomato Costume

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Fortnite Dark Voyager Costume

An embellished red tank became the pizza jersey by adding strips of white duct tape. I also bought a purple polo at a thrift store and cut off the collar. Then I hand sewed the purple collar to the neck of the red tank.

DC League of Super Pets Activity Book

Use orange duct tape to add details to the black boots. If you use parchment paper when drawing your designs, it will be easier to cut the duct tape because it prevents the scissors from sticking to the tape.

DC League of Super Pets Activity Book

We covered shin guards with orange duct tape and cut the tips off a pair of purple garden gloves to create the fingerless glove look that Tomato Head wears.

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