Initially, it seemed like an easy project but a busy summer enabled me to procrastinate.  By the time Elliot decided to dress up as Doggo for Halloween, I only had a few weeks to make the costume.

My kiddo lives in hoodie sweatshirts, almost year-round so I saw making this costume  as just another way to expand his wardrobe. The base of the costume is an orange hoodie with brown, red and green stripes on it.

Doggo Fortnite Costume

Initially I did use duct tape to model how the design would work, sort of as a test run. It was super easy to put a few strips of duct tape on the costume to get the basic look for a Fortnite Doggo costume.

This Doggo costume sweatshirt was the hardest costume for me to create. Mostly because I had unrealistic expectations of how easy it should have been.

How To Make a Doggo Costume

DC League of Super Pets Activity Book

If you are sticking to simple stripes on the front of the sweatshirt, then it should be fairly straight forward to make with duct tape or iron-on vinyl. I wanted the stripes to go around the back of the sweatshirt at the shoulder and sleeves like the actual Doggo skin in Fortnite.

DC League of Super Pets Activity Book

I tried really hard to make this perfect, stripes of color seemed like an easy thing to do but going around a sleeve and the back of the sweatshirt was not easy. In the end, I did the best I could and my son loved it.

DC League of Super Pets Activity Book

Beyond the obvious dog mask and orange sweatshirt with stripes, there are a couple of key Doggo costume accessories I made. I added orange laces and stripes of orange duct to darn brown boots we already owned.

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