Where are my Star Wars and Disney fans? I’ve seen some adorable pumpkin ideas out there and I couldn’t help but brainstorm a fun BB-8 pumpkin idea. He is my favorite Star Wars droid!

How To Create A BB8 Pumpkin

Plus BB-8’s round shape was just screaming to be made into a fun Halloween jack-o-lantern.  When I found a couple of white pumpkins at the Marana Pumpkin Patch, I knew I could pull off an easy BB-8 pumpkin similar to Elliot’s BB-8 costume.

– 1 medium white pumpkin – 1 small white pumpkin – orange, black, and silver duct tape – parchment paper – scissors – pencil – glue gun – BB-8 decal templates

DIY BB-8 Pumpkin Supplies:

I plan on remaking my BB-8 pumpkin using craft pumpkins, so I can display him every Halloween. Using a real pumpkin is super fun, but also temporary.

Print a few pictures of BB-8’s designs to use as templates for the decals. Cutting designs out of duct tape is really easy if you use the duct tape and parchment paper trick.

DC League of Super Pets Activity Book

Trace the designs onto parchment paper and then cover the other side with duct tape. Turn it back over and cut out your design. The duct tape will easily peel away from the parchment paper. Then apply the BB8 designs to your pumpkin.

DC League of Super Pets Activity Book

Using pictures of the real BB-8 online, apply black, silver and orange duct tape to match his head. I attached BB-8’s head (made from the small pumpkin) to his body using a glue.

Click below for detailed instructions

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