Don’t laugh. Promise you won’t laugh…Bing Bong is heartwarming ridiculous as Riley’s imaginary friend. My Inside Out Bing Bong costume is just as ridiculous

How To Make a Bing Bong Costume

Check out how I pieced my Bing Bong costume together.  Most of my costume was homemade from resale shops or the dollar store! I have included a few amazon affiliate links to make things easier for you if you want to try and recreate it.

Bing Bong Costume

Bing Bong Dress & Jacket

 My kids definitely thought he was awesome and so did I. Originally I thought the costume would be too hard to pull off but I honestly brainstorm costume ideas 24-7 most of the time. 

In my attempt to be frugal and also get the “perfect” Bing Bong socks, I tried to make them. It was kind of a fail. Ok, a big fail.  FYI – Fabric paint doesn’t apply or adhere well to tights.

Bing Bong Socks

I shared my DIY Flower Lapel Pin last month before I committed to making a complete Bing Bong costume. I figured it would be a fun craft project for any Inside Out fan!

Bing Bong Flower Pin

I think my Bing Bong bow tie is the coolest part of the costume. Originally I searched and searched online for the perfect Bing Bong bow tie. Amazon has a big selection of purple polka dot bow ties.

Bing Bong Bow Tie

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