Our Baby Yoda pumpkin needed a guardian, so the boys and I came up with a simple Mandalorian pumpkin idea. It’s the perfect Star Wars craft for this Halloween.

DIY Mandalorian Pumpkin

This is another super easy no carve pumpkin idea. It doesn’t even take amazing painting skills either. Basically it’s just grey paint with a few key details.

Easy Mandalorian Pumpkin Tutorial

The Mandalorian pumpkin needed to be larger than the Baby Yoda pumpkin, so instead of 2 small craft pumpkins, I used two candy bucket pumpkins for Mando.

By the way, placing the smaller craft pumpkin on top of the larger pumpkin bucket also works great for certain pumpkin styles like the BB-9E pumpkin and Incredibles pumpkin.

1. Paint both pumpkin buckets grey. It may take several coats of paint for coverage.

DC League of Super Pets Activity Book

2. Print out the Mandalorian helmet template. Trace the image on parchment paper. Cover the back of the parchment paper with strips of black duct tape, ensuring the entire image is covered. Flip it back over and cut out the design.

DC League of Super Pets Activity Book

3.  Attach the helmet design to one of the painted pumpkins.

DC League of Super Pets Activity Book

4.  Cut a strip of brown craft foam to use for the bandolier. I cut my rectangular craft foam in half lengthwise to create a longer strip. Use duct tape on the back to attach the the strips together.

Click below for detailed instructions

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