Convert a Crib into a Desk

Convert a Crib to a Desk

Peter and I are getting so DIY crafty it’s insane! This has to be one of my favorite projects so far! It was so easy to convert a crib into a desk.

And isn’t it super cute!?! Naturally I was inspired by Pinterest projects like this one.

Converting Elliot’s baby crib into a desk killed several birds for us…

  • Peter didn’t have to unassemble it to get it out of the room.
  • He didn’t have to reassemble it.
  • I didn’t have to coordinating the selling or donating of it.
  • We made a very functional desk/play-space that fits two kiddos.

DIY Crib To Desk Project

Easy Steps to Convert a Crib into a desk

Peter started by removing the front railing.  He took the measurement of the crib bottom and then had a 1/2″ piece of MDF cut at Home Depot.  He primed then painted it with a black chalkboard paint. After letting it dry for a few hours, he screwed the MDF board on top of the crib bottom through to the crib supports. To finish off the look, he took the top of the front railing (that he removed) and screwed it to the front edge of the desk.

We opted to move the desk into the closet. This keeps more floor space available for playing. Peter carefully removed the lower shelf and closet bar, so we could easily re-install them in the future.

Crib to Desk Project Steps

Depending upon the condition or style of the crib you are working with, you could sand and paint it to make it work with your decor. Our crib was still in great shape so we didn’t worry about sanding or painting anything. This helped keep our desk a quick 1-day project!

Completing the Desk Setup

We hung an industrial shop light from the top curtain rod for some fun direct light. We are still using the storage at the top of the closet, so I added an easy DIY curtain to hide it from view. Fun wall decals brighten up the walls. I found these ones at the 99 Cents Only store.

Crib Desk Top

Desk Accessories

I found a few fun buckets and bins at the dollar store and in the dollar section of Target to keep the art supplies organized.  We also attached a magnetic dry erase board so the boys can hang their artwork or doodle.

Their Legos are stored in bins under the desk, allowing easy access for playtime (and cleanup)!


Total Project Cost ~$75

  • MDF ~$30
  • Paint & Primer ~$30
  • Memo Board $8
  • Desk Accessories $6

What do you think? Isn’t it Awesome?!?

Have you ever completed a DIY project after being inspired by Pinterest? I would love to hear about it! Oh and follow me on Pinterest while you’re at it!

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  1. Heather says

    Love this! It turned out awesome! One question — where do you store his clothes now (if not in the closet)? I’m guessing in a dresser.

    • kc says


      Great question! We only had storage bins in there before, mostly of off season clothes and hand-me-downs from Quinn. So we moved a few bins to the very top of the closet and rest were moved into Q’s closet. And yeah his current clothes are in a dresser. :-)

  2. Lynn says

    So awesome, such a nice workspace. I think Aunt Lynn needs to find some more Lego sets to bring over and play with sometime soon!

  3. Michelle says

    I love this!! Totally not reusing everything I can! We spent so much on our crib & to be able to continue to use it is genius!!

    • Karen says

      A lot of cribs have adjustable heights, so it really depends on the crib. I think ours would fit an adult if we had moved it to the newborn setting. I hope this helps. If you make one, I’d love to see a picture of it!

  4. Margot C says

    I love this, it’s so great. I’m going to send it to my brother-in-law (they are at just that moment in time where they could do this!)


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