My Next Adventure and 13 Weird Alaska Facts

Weird Alaska Facts.jpg

Weird Alaska Facts.jpg
Arizona was the 48th state to be added to the union, so you could say Alaska (the 49th state) is like Arizona’s baby brother. :-) It’s located so far away though from the Lower 48 that it definitely has its own identity. Alaskans have a lot of pride in their big state and I am excited to be exploring a small chunk of it soon.

There is so much to do and see from wildlife and glaciers to mountains and fishing. Plus there are festivals and even metropolitan amenities to enjoy. While travel planning, I’ve come across some weird Alaska facts that you might not have known.

1. Russia is very close to Alaska, so close that you could technically walk between them during the winter.  It’s 55 miles from the Russian mainland to the Alaska mainland but there are two small islands (one Russian, one American) in the Bering Straight that are only 2.5 miles apart. In the winter, the water freezes between them so you could technically walk between the two countries. I have no idea if it’s ever been done though, it doesn’t seem likely.

2. Ever notice that you can type Alaska on just one row of a keyboard? It’s the only state name you can do that with.

Alaska, Alaska, Alaska, Alaska, Alaska – just practicing my QWERTY technique. :-)

3. 17 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States are in Alaska. This includes the highest peak in North America – Mt. McKinley.

4. Alaskans don’t call it Mt. McKinley though. It is Denali or “The Great One” and Alaskans have been fighting for the name change since it was called Mt. McKinley in error over 100 years ago. We plan on spending a couple of days at Denali National Park. If you follow me on Instagram, you might catch a few pictures this weekend.

5. There are over 600 glaciers in Alaska, which is about half of all glaciers found in the entire world.

6. There is no individual or state sales tax in Alaska. Plus, Alaskans receive a dividend every year for merely being a resident. That means they are paid to live in Alaska, usually around $1000 per person per year.

7. There are more islands and volcanoes in Alaska than any other state. Alaska also has more coastline than the rest of the US combined – almost 34,000 miles.

8. You can fit the state of Texas (the 2nd biggest state) inside Alaska, twice. Arizona would fit in Alaska 6 times! If you’re curious as to how your state’s size stacks up to Alaska, check out this cool tool on the

fishing swimming in alaska.jpg
9. Besides the daily weather report there is a daily fishing report. Given the fish Peter saw just swimming by at dinner, we might need to take a day to experience fishing in Alaska!

10. There are some areas in Alaska where possessing, drinking and/or buying alcohol is illegal.

11. In the summer, there are over 20 hours of sunlight making growing giant vegetables quite common. Two years ago the world record for the largest cabbage grown was set with a cabbage weighing over 138 pounds.

12. There are no snakes in Alaska, it’s too cold for them. So I get a vacation from the 52 different snake species we have in Arizona. :-)

13. Alaska has the highest number of pilots per capita with 1 out of every 78 Alaska residents being pilots. I’d love to do some flightseeing over Alaska but I am 99.98% sure I would NEVER get Peter into a helicopter or bush-plane. Perhaps if zombies were approaching and it was our only way to safety, then I’d still have to knock him out like B.A. on the A-TEAM.

Have you ever been to Alaska? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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