Peter Pan and the Neverland Crew Halloween 2012

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Another year, another family costume theme successfully accomplished! We had a blast dressing up as characters from Peter Pan!

The Neverland crew had plenty of Halloween costume choices for a large family. We could have easily had another dozen participants with more mermaids, pirates and lost boys!

Peter Pan and the Neverland crew Halloween 2012

Peter Pan Family Costumes

Only one costume was a store bought/premade costume. The rest of our costumes were pure DIY or semi-made genius! And I am sharing the details below!

Neverland Cast of Characters

Peter Pan Neverland Family

Captain Hook Costume

We took a little leeway with the Captain Hook costume in order to accommodate for the Arizona heat! We used a long sleeved dark red shirt in lieu of a heavy coat and tucked an “ascot” in at the neck. It worked great! His hat was a red pirate hat that we attached a large white feather (found at Michaels) too. We rounded the Hook look out with a black wig, moustache, sword and hook.

Mermaid Starfish BarretteNeverland Mermaid Costume

I borrowed my costume (Thanks Jenn!!). It was made using the Simplicity 4043 pattern. I added a thin long sleeve shirt and leggings in turquoise, thankfully turquoise is a hot color right now. Then attached starfish (found also at Michaels) to barrettes with a hot glue gun. It was a cute addition since my hair is pretty short for a mermaid!

Peter Pan Costume

This was a Disney costume and the only store bought costume in the group. I found it at a local consignment store last year and used store credit to purchase it. The hat is super cute and the costume was a total score! Smile

Mr. Smee Costume

This is likely my favorite costume, probably cause it came together so well. Check out my Mr. Smee costume post for complete details.

Captain Hook and Pirate Crew

Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew Costumes

Hook’s crew wore bandanas, scarfs, vests and swords for their pirate look. Other pirate costume ideas include pirate hats, eye patches, wigs, large gold hoop earrings, and long sleeved white ruffled shirts.

Tiger Lily and Indian Chief

Indian Chief and Tiger Lily Costumes

My sister in law Vanessa was the genius behind these total DIY costumes. She did fantastic. So fantastic that I am going post the details separate with more pictures. Indian Chief and Tiger Lily DIY Details are HERE!

Tinker Bell And Tic Tock Croc

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is one of the Peter Pan costumes that you can easily buy. However most adult version are “sexy” which might not be the look you are going for. My other sister in law pulled together a cute tink look with a green shirt, green tutu and green tights! Add fairy wings and you are set! She is wearing official Disneyland fairy wings that light up and are extra fun!

Tick Tock Croc

I think Tick Tock Croc was the most difficult costume to make. This is another sweet costume that deserves a little extra DIY detail. Check out the details HERE!Wendy and Tootles A Lost Boy

Tootles Lost Boy Costume

All the Lost Boys in Disney’s Neverland are dressed in animal costumes. Tootles wears a skunk costume. Our Tootles wore black shorts, a black shirt and a skunk hat. I don’t think we could have convinced him wear a skunk tail but it would make a nice addition to the costume. Smile

Wendy Darling Costume

Wendy Darling Costume

Wendy’s costume was a fairly easy look to pull together. A plain, old fashioned blue nightgown was purchased (ebay). Dark blue ribbon (also bought at Michaels) was used around the waist and in her hair. My mom opted for a blonde wig since she couldn’t find a light brown one.



As you can see we had lots of fun with this theme.

Neverland Family Costume Fun

And yes we are already planning for next Halloween! Smile

How was your Halloween? I would love to hear all about it!


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